Branding and logo design for restaurants

Restaurant Branding

Restaurant Branding and Logo Design

Branding is the glue which holds all the elements of your business together. People make conscious and unconscious decisions based on the information in front of them. They will decide whether or not they will book with you based on what your brand presents.

Branding is not just a ‘pretty logo’. Branding is every touch point that your customer experiences. Examples of branding are external signage, the way a telephone call is handled, what information they could find on your website and whether it is up to date, the greeting as they walk through the door, the interior decor, lighting, tableware, tent cards, menus, bills, staff uniforms and attitude. It is every touch point in your business.

How can Treacle help?

Treacle can help you to assess what elements of your current brand work need updating. It may be time to look at a brand refresh to help keep your customers interested and excited about your business.

We offer packages for both start-ups or established businesses, from cafes to restaurants to boutique food and drink producers. Share your business vision with us and we will create you a striking brand for your business which you will be proud of. Pop over and say hello on our Instagram and Facebook pages. For an informal chat, please contact us on 01625 402070 or email

We also offer Hospitality Consultancy and Website Design Services

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