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We have health checks for ourselves and vehicles, so why wouldn’t we for our business? This is why Treacle have introduced a Hospitality Consultancy service for restaurants, cafes and eateries in Cheshire. Over time, elements can change in the day to day running of your establishment such as staff, suppliers, attitudes etc. What you may not notice is how these are having a current effect on the business, whether good, bad or indifferent. Have you been maintaining your property? Is your website up to date? How easy is it for a customer to make a booking. What do your customers REALLY think of your business? At Treacle we offer a very unique package named Hospitality SOS Healthcheck specifically for food/restaurant/hospitality businesses who care about the growth and sustainability of their business and customers.

Hospitality Touch Point Analysis

We look at 100 critical touchpoints of your business, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a full report on our findings. We cover every single touch point that a customer would encounter. Everything from the ease of making an initial booking to cleanliness to food presentation to name a few. The TPA helps you to easily identify any shortfalls in your offering and allow you the chance to improve these areas with our recommendations.

Local Reputation Audit

You may look at online reviews and think that you are flying high, but the reality can be very different. Reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor represent only a very small fraction of your total potential customer base. For all those customers who have left a review, there are at least double that haven’t. Treacle will take a sample of your target audience and ask very specific questions about your business which will enable you to gain a better of understanding of what is and what isn’t working for you and why.

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