Hospitality Marketing Consultancy

Treacle Hospitality Marketing are here to give you a helping hand with your restaurant or food business. We offer a complete hospitality marketing consultancy service for businesses across the UK.  Firstly, we offer a unique 100 point Touch Point Analysis which gives you a complete picture of your business. This can help you identify gaps in your business which require improving or modifying. If you really want to know what your local audience thinks, we undertake Local Reputation Audits which again, can identify black spots which you were maybe not aware of.

Launching a Food Business

If you are looking to launch a restaurant or food business, we can offer a full consultancy and bootcamp days to get your business off the ground. Our training covers everything from kitchen design and equipment recommendation, EHO requirements, creating cost effective menus, basic chef training, sourcing produce and get the right marketing tools in place from day 1. Please email for further details.

Food Photography and Styling

A photo paints a thousand words, especially when it is food related. Your potential guests and customers buy with their eyes. Do your current photos do your business justice? Do you think that it would make someone want to make a booking or purchase the product? Get in touch with us to discuss our food photography packages to take your marketing to the next level. Click here for more details.

Social Media Management

Nowadays we are glued to our phones 24/7. We are making unconscious and conscious decisions about what we see and read from the moment we wake up, to the the moment we go to sleep. People love to engage with companies who have a clear brand message and post consistently. If you were only going to use a couple of channels to reach your potential audience, we would always recommend Instagram and Facebook. For further details about our social media packages for restaurant and hospitality, please click here.

Website Design

Every good restaurant needs a website. A website is the cornerstone of your business which is separate from your social media activities. A well designed website which is kept up to date with your latest food photos, menus and special offers will pay dividends. It makes you look more professional and trustworthy. Click here for details of our web packages.

Branding and Logo Design

Your branding is what underpins every aspect of your business. Branding isn’t just a logo. It embodies every touch point that a customer experiences from the way a customer is greeted, to how your staff are dressed, how your menus are presented and much more. Is your branding shining brightly or could you benefit from a revamp or a fresh new look? Click here for more details.

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